Welcome to SINBAD TOKEN, the world of sailors.

            We are very excited to tell you how Sinbad came to the fore. As four Canadian sailors, we realized that on this road that we started out by wanting to catch up with technology and the future, the number of projects for sailors is very few. At that moment, we asked ourselves the following question; Why don’t we shape our own future? After that, things started to move very fast and at the end of the day, Sinbad Token gnaw away at our mind. Our belief in this project and our desire to work, grew over time and reached a strong vision. We have established a strong team and we want to move forward with huge investment with this vision. We have full of faith and confidence in our goals. We welcome everyone to our project on this path that we set out to catch up with technology and build the future, and we are happy!


            Sinbad Token continues its projects with the vision of using blockchain technology and reaching the world in the best way. The main purpose of our project is to provide convenience to people and to make people experience and convey the developments about the future in the best way with our projects. We are happy to share our Sinbad Token goals with you, with a strong team, focused on constantly producing and working!

            As Sinbad Token, we are aware of the importance and potential of the metaverse world. Our first goal is to integrate our projects into the metaverse world and deliver them to people. In these days when everyone is trying to invest in lands in the metaverse world, we want to give you the opportunity to dominate the seas! Therefore, one of our primary goals is to develop games based on marine in the world of the metaverse. We will also create an NFT platform where you can evaluate the spoils you get from the seas in the future. With these games, it is among our goals to provide this pleasure to everyone who is interested in and loves the seas in the world of the metaverse, and to create a system where they can earn money at the same time.


Road Map

STAGE 1 (Prepare to SAIL!)

Stage 2 ( All Aboard! )

Stage 3 (Half SAIL!)

Stage 4 (Full SAIL!)

Stage 5 (LAND HO! )


            As a Sinbad Token family, we are growing day by day. You can be informed about the latest updates and developments by joining the social media platforms we have created for you. As a community, we want to show the world how powerful social media is. We will be honored to see new deck-men on board. Welcome to our crew! Remember, every captain was once a deck-men. Finally, we must say that a captain with a solid ship and a solid crew is not afraid of whales!



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